Who are we


Welcome to CJ Forest & Grain– Crafting Timeless Woodworks

Handcrafted Elegance, Rooted in Missouri

At CJ Forest & Grain, we believe that true beauty lies in the artistry of handmade woodworking. Every piece we create is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship and the timeless allure of natural wood.

Locally Sourced, Missouri's Finest

We take immense pride in sourcing the highest quality wood right here in the great state of Missouri. Each carefully selected piece of wood tells a unique story, reflecting the character and rich heritage of our beloved region. By utilizing locally sourced materials, we not only support our community but also ensure that each creation carries a genuine touch of Missouri's natural splendor.


Missouri Based, American Made

We proudly stand behind the values of quality, integrity, and authenticity. By choosing CJ Forest & Grain, you support local artisans and contribute to the revival of traditional woodworking techniques. Our commitment to the art of woodworking extends beyond state borders, as we proudly create each item right here in Missouri, a testament to our dedication to American craftsmanship.

Discover the Timeless Beauty of Handmade Woodworks

Step into our virtual gallery and explore the world of CJ Forest & Grain. From stunning furniture pieces to exquisite home décor, each creation is a work of art that embodies the warmth and natural elegance of wood. Whether you're seeking a statement piece or a treasured gift, our handcrafted woodworks are designed to elevate your space with a touch of sophistication and charm.

Join us in celebrating the beauty of handmade craftsmanship, locally sourced wood, and the enduring spirit of Missouri. Experience the essence of American-made excellence with CJ Forest & Grain.